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 Titles for your physical activity program with a variety of benefits that focus on listening skills, physical coordination, motor development, team work, identifying body parts, and following instructions.

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Wow! Whether independent, with a partner, or in a group, young children can’t get enough of these fine & gross motor songs that can be used with props such as cones, balls, and ropes, or to promote imaginative play.  Children are kept moving while they play circle games, ride the rope, build a bridge, find the colors, discover body parts, stack, and more.  -  16 English songs, with 7 Spanish versions.  An optional Quick Play Guide book authored by Patty Kimbrell is available. Motor development areas include:  rope play, scarves, ball activities, partner play, group play and stations.

Ages: Toddler - Kindergarten
Approx. Running Time: 53 min.

Format: CD - Music       UPC Code: 698731-00025-5

Smart Moves 1 - Music CD  $14.99

Smart Moves 1 - Quick Play Guide  $7.99

Smart Moves 1 - QP Guide COMBO $20.98

Smart Moves make Smart Kids!   These action-packed fine & gross motor songs for young children can be used with props such as cones, balls, hoops, and ropes, or to promote imaginative play. Using engaging lyrics and movement, children learn specific concepts as they step across the room on the colored stones, form letters with rope, find the shapes & complete a pattern of moves, keep something up in the air, play in an imaginary band, chug like a train down the track, and more. -  17 English songs, with 5 Spanish versions. -  An optional Quick Play Guide book authored by Patty Kimbrell is available.


Age: Recommended for preschool thru early primary grades
Approx. Running Time: 56 min. 

Format: CD - Music       UPC:  6-98731-0026-2

Smart Moves 2 - Music CD  $14.99

Smart Moves 2 - Quick Play Guide  $7.99

Smart Moves 2 - QP Guide COMBO $20.98

These action-packed fine & gross motor songs for young children can be used with props or to promote imaginative play. Using movement & engaging lyrics, children learn specific concepts as they shake their boom booms, act like zoo animals, walk, follow the leader, move through the days of the week, toss and catch, rock and roll, play charades, and more. -  It includes 5 scarf activities and 9 instrumentals for more interaction, background music, looping and personal creativity.  An optional Quick Play Guide book authored by Patty Kimbrell is available. - Includes locomotor skills, scarves, streamers, and partner/group play.

Ages: Recommended for preschool thru early primary grades
Approx. Running Time: 75 minutes 

Format: CD - Music        UPC:  6-98731-00037-8

Smart Moves 3 - Music CD  $14.99

Smart Moves 3 - Quick Play Guide  $7.99

Smart Moves 3 - QP Guide COMBO $20.98

These delicious tunes teach children how to have FUN with FOOD while they learn about HEALTHY EATING. . Kids learn good table manners, locomotor through the farmer’s market, pop like corn, shake & mix up a recipe, gather by food groups, move around the veggies, find the fruit, sing & dine in good company, dance a hula, and more. -  7 Spanish versions, as well as, 7 instrumentals for more interaction. An optional Quick Play Guide book authored by Patty Kimbrell is available.


Approx. running time: 69 min.
Recommended for preschool thru early primary 
Format CD Music        UPC: 698731-00030-9

Smart & Tasty 1 - Music CD  $14.99

Smart & Tasty 1 - Resource Book

COMBO $22.98

This guidebook brings more motor development into the hands of early childhood providers and parents. Designed to provide teachers with simple and quick physical activity lessons on a few select units.: Getting Started, Bean Bags, Flat Ropes, Hoops, and Beach Balls.


Each lesson is written for maximum participation during movement time. No child is left out. Educators and caregivers of young children will understand how children learn through movement and song. Children are actively engaged and have opportunities to practice in a positive, non-threatening environment, resulting in personal enjoyment and growth in a most natural way.


Includes an overview for the instructor, a reference for unique songs that comliment each lesson, age-approprate activities, school readiness integration, suggested equipment, notes, and additional ideas.


The lessons hand-in-hand with award-winning music for young children. Age appropriate music is used to enhance every lesson with school readiness skills and healthy lifestyle tips. Simply plan some movement time, take the book out for easy reference, grab a handful of affordable equipment, and off you go. Lessons are short (15-20 minutes), active, and fun. Printed in full color.

Smart Moves - Level 1 Curriculum  $24.99

Smart Moves - Level 2 Curriculum  $24.99

Family Fitness Night
Tool Kit

A School Wellness Policy success story!  The Family Fitness Night Toolkit is a step-by-step tool on how to design a Family Fitness Night for schools, districts, or organizations. with a focus on elementary school.  This toolkit contains strategies and resources for any individual (PTA members, parent volunteers, staff leaders, etc.) who wants to connect the School Wellness Policy in an evening of family involvement filled with information on physical activity and loads of fun!


This Toolkit is a 1/2 inch binder designed with the following sections:

          Section 1:  Planning Tools
          Section 2:  Presentation Tools
          Section 3:  Station Activities
          Section 4:  Resources
          Section 5:  Appendix


Also included is a CD for each section with reproducible documents that will make your planning easy. This toolkit contains many tools, additional resources, and reference documents to assist anyone in orchestrating a fun and dynamic Family Fitness Night. Format: 1/2 inch Binder


The Family Fitness Night Toolkit is featured as a valuable resource by California After School Resource Center,

Family Fitness Night Took Kit   $39.99

Produced by WIC, this family physical activity DVD and printed guide encourages families to choose a healthy, active lifestyle. Parents, grandparents and young children from a variety of cultures are depicted having fun and being physically active together in developmentally appropriate, affordable activities. coordinated with lively music to give families affordable and creative ways to be physically active inside and outside of the house.

  •  26th Annual TELLY Awards Finalist

  • Directed by Patty Kimbrell, M. Ed.

  • Music contributions are by award-winning children's music producers.

  • Funding Provided By:
    - First 5 Contra Costa Children and Families Commission 
    -  California Dept. of Health Services, CA Nutrition Network/California 5 a Day
    - Contra Costa County Health Services Community Wellness and Prevention Program
    - University of California Cooperative Extension

Have Fun and Be Active - DVD  $5.50

Have Fun and Be Active - Guide Book   $9.99

The simple way to educate! An early math experience enhanced by movement, activities and eclectic music styles that engage a young child’s brain and body.  We're up and moving with counting, shapes, patterning, sequencing, comparing, spatial awareness, money and more. Musical elements such as a steady beat, rhythm, melody, and tempo possess inherent mathematical principles that are built upon to make math active and fun. 

Approx. running time: 33 min.    

Recommended for preschool through kindergarten

Format: CD - Music   UPC: 698731-00056-9

Math, Music & Motion - Music CD  $14.99


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