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Patricia Kimbrell, M. Ed.

Founder & CEO

Patty Kimbrell, M.Ed. has been faculty at San Diego State University (SDSU) for over 16 years where she instructs on the subjects of Elementary Physical Education and Nutritional Sciences. In 2014 she was also recruited to instruct in Child Physical and Motor Development for Alliant International University in San Diego. She has been in the field of education for over 31 years as a Physical Education Specialist, classroom teacher in private and public schools, and a mentor.  Patty conducts trainings for audiences who work with children to improve motor development (Physical Education, Pre-K through 6th grade).

Her expertise is in the field of childhood obesity preventionmovement activities with integrated school readiness skills, parent engagement, and staff wellness. She began her consulting business in 2004 and has since trainied in every state in the U.S, as well as, consulting for the California Department of Education (Physical Development Domain in the Preschool Learning Foundations, Vol. 2, and DRDP PS 2010), CA Preschool Instructional Network, San Diego County Office of Education, WIC, Head Start (nation-wide), the First 5 Commission, and CA Child Care Resource and Referral. 

She has lent her expertise to several research projects focusing on motor development and obesity prevention in early childhood and has developed a toolkit for elementary schools to host Family Fitness Nights.


Patty is nationally recognized as an early childhood physical activity expert.



Patty is a Master Trainer for “I Am Moving, I Am Learning,” (IMIL) an early childhood obesity prevention initiative from the Office of Head Start.  She is the creator of M-V-P-A Every Day! where she encourages all participants, young and old, to get their heart rate up for a healthier and happier life.  IMIL was created in response to regional and national trends of increased childhood obesity.


Patty is also the original author of SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) Early Childhood Physical Activity Program for age 3-5, a comprehensive motor development program for preschool teachers. This program, including Patty's contribution, has received national recognition and corporate sponsorship since its inception in 2001.  Spark programs have been selected by many universities and organizations to meet the goals of their research studies and projects.

The IMIL initiative was designed to address Head Start Performance Standards and Head Start Child Outcomes through healthy and age-appropriate strategies, chosen by the individual Head Start program, to current teaching practices by providing an intentional facilitation of quality movement, assistance in reaching daily physical activity recommendations, while integrating healthy nutrition activities for young children.

Patty has also written and directed several videos/DVDs (funded by, WIC, Head Start and First 5) for family engagement highlighting how families can increase physical activity for a healthier lifestyle. Many agencies, including WIC, use her videos as a training tool as they consult and work with families.

Patty Kimbrell's contribution:

California Fit WIC (Fit WIC-Active Play for Families): Funded by USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Education program, 2002-2004. Fit WIC is a five state grant to increase physical activity within WIC clinics and to empower WIC staff to educate WIC families for the need of physical activity at all ages.


Study location: 12 cities in California
Principal investigator: Pat Crawford
Program manager: Margaret Strode
Key staff: Patty Kimbrell, M. Ed


Navajo Nation WIC Program:
Funding: USDA, 2003-2004. The "Navajo Nation WIC" Program received a grant from the USDA to increase physical activity knowledge and awareness for WIC families.

Location: Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico
Program manager: Doris McGuire, MS, RD, LD
Key staff: Patty Kimbrell, M. Ed.


San Benito County UC Cooperative Extension

(Start Early for Healthy Children):
Funding: Prop 10, 2002-2004. "Start Early" provided physical activity for preschool teachers and day care providers, nutrition classes and parent classes for San Benito County. Primary goals were to increase physical activity awareness and healthy eating.

Study location: San Benito County, CA
Program manager: Laura Reed
Key staff: Patty Kimbrell, M. Ed.

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